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Vogel Construction Group pays it forward with Bravo House project

Dale Mullin, founder of Wounded Warriors, with Hannah Vogel in front of Bravo House on the first day of the new roof project. COURTESY PHOTO

Vogel Construction Group is paying it forward and going over the top to make sure the veterans at Bravo House have a new roof over their heads.

Hannah Vogel and her business partner, James Hartney, established the Vogel Construction Group in 2020 and their company holds a general contractor license, and a roofing license. When Ms. Vogel met Dale A. Mullin, founder of Wounded Warriors, she knew she had to get involved.

“Before I even mentioned that I owned a roofing company, Dale expressed that he was having trouble finding a roofer for his Bravo House project because of scheduling and pricing,” said Ms. Vogel.

Bravo House provides long-term supportive housing for senior veterans in Collier County who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The house was made possible by the Wounded Warriors of Collier County, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity established seven years ago.

Ms. Vogel met the veterans living at Bravo House while on a tour. She was touched by their stories of how much Dale and the Wounded Warrior Foundation had helped them that she sprang into action.

“Many veterans face visible and non-visible injuries that are often overlooked by civilians and health care providers,” said Ms. Vogel. “The veterans at Bravo House have sacrificed so much for our country that my partner and I are honored to help put a new roof over their heads.”

Ms. Vogel says that their company is unique because not only do they provide a great product, but they strive to be the gold standard in the construction industry for customer service. That commitment to service is evident in the Bravo House project, which took 3 to 5 days with up to eight employees to complete.

Vogel Construction’s in-kind donation will be the labor and installation of materials acquired by a grant from a Naples’ Home Depot through the Home Depot Foundation. Vogel’s labor is estimated to be valued at over $10,000. By Mullins securing a grant for the materials and the labor from Vogel, Wounded Warriors will have funds freed up to meet other needs for the veterans, such as mental health and housing.

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